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Scottsdale Window Cleaning Company is fully insured ($2mm/ $4mm) so what does that really mean and what protection does it really afford? General Liability Insurance which is also known as Commercial General Business Liability, protects small business assets and pays for obligations. Medical costs if someone gets hurt or when there is property damages or injuries caused by employees. Liability insurance also covers costs for legal defense and any settlements or award should we be successfully sued. The typical settlements would include compensatory damages, nonmonetary losses by the injured party, and punitive damages. Liability insurance also protects against any liability as a tenant if damage is caused to property that a small business rents. This insurance also covers claims of false or misleading advertising for libel, slander, and copyright infringement. There are a lot of companies including window cleaning companies that avoid this type of expense but we are committed to protecting ourselves and our customers which gives everyone piece of mind knowing that the coverage is there in case of an unfortunate accident, incident, or damage. The question all home owners and commercial property managers and owners should as any professional including window cleaning professionals is " Do you have insurance"? "What type of insurance do you have and what does it cover"? And, "How much is the insurance covered for and what does it cover"? Once you have established that your professional is covered, you can always ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate and this should be readily available upon request. We post our insurance certificate on our website to not only prove we are fully insured but to give you the piece of mind knowing you have hired a professional who does not cut liability corners in order to save money and lower operating expenses. Insurance is expensive but the cost of loosing a business or damaging customer property without coverage is one experience that Scottsdale Window Cleaning Company wants to avoid at any cost.

Scottsdale Window Cleaning Company residential window cleaning

Scottsdale Window Cleaning Company commercial window cleaning